Just another kids Tale

The well known story of the Turtle and the Heir has been around for ages.  We all know the main concept to the folk tale.    The dedicated and slow turtle pushes and pushes until he succeeds.  Overconfident Heir becomes too confident and loses a race meant to be a given task.  But what if we considered the story a bit deeper.  We all know that without the heir being so overconfident, the turtle would not have a chance in life to beat him right?  The famous lesson to learn is slow and steady always preveils and overconfidence can lead you to losses.  But again, considering the true possibility of the heir losing is hard to grasp.

What if the true lesson to learn is not what we have been told but to really look at the turtle’s capability to block out all that is expected and what seems to be impossible and just tackle what would in most sensible minds, be not worth attempting.
One of the hardest things to do is to block out other’s preception of ourselves and what seems to be impossible.  One’s true achievement is better met by focusing on yourself and not how fast, intellegent, or gifted others are compared to you. Instead your focus should be what you can do at your time and pace.   Once you can learn to stop from trying to achieve and compare yourself to others, things seem to happen alot easier.   Our Turtle friend in this  story was not interested in knowing how fast he needed to go to finish first, he just wanted to get there.  And that is the key to achieving.   The Heirs abilities and strength were never considered by the turtle since it made no difference to his goals and desires.

This story and its lesson was something a good friend of mine shared with me a few years ago. 🙂

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