Baby Kisses

My little girl who is now 2.5 years old has this great ability to melt my heart with her actions.  But more then anything is her unlimited amount of affection ready to show at every moment.   With her two tiny hands she grabs my face and holds me close to tell me, “Mommy I luv yuooo”.  She ends her great task of melting me by giving me a tender kiss on my cheek or a delicate touch on my lips.

The incredible thing about life is that that very child that melts you at such a tender age will grow faster then a blink of an eye.   Will the memories on her tender kisses hold the day she comes home at the age of 15 demanding something I cant give her?  Will that same child that makes me feel as though she has nothing else in life breaking our mother-daughter bond, break my heart the day she says she hates me and wishes I was not around.  Would that cute boy at school be the center of her world?  Would those popular girls be the people she now looks up to?  What a thought to think my precious baby will most likely drive me out of her life because she will consider me too old fashion and only a detriment in her life.

But the one thing I try to remind myself everyday is that my biggest job in life is to create a strong bond between her and I. Build a strong moral foundation to last her through those tuff years.The foundation you give your baby in the first 5 years of their lives will be the very thing that will bring them back to you.

Adolescent years are tuff and no matter how great of a parent you are your children will put you to the test.  For now I will teach her all the things I can and remind her that no matter how old I get or how un cool I may become I will always be her best friend who loves her and will never stop loving her.

And when she is 30 if that foundation was well taught, the rugged road she will have face in her adolescent years will smooth out and she will come home.  She will then say, “Mom, I really do love you!” and that will remind me of these moments, when she can barely pronounce those worlds.

I know this because, now, at 34, the only best friend I know from all my years is my mother.  I love you mom and thank you for your great work in my early years.  I can only hope to be half the mommy you were.