Ballz Guinea Pig goes bye bye

A few nights ago I made another sale on Etsy.   I get such a thrill from seeing one of my diaper cakes loved enough to be bought.  My desire to sell them has become only a perk I get of happiness.  Will I retire from this?  Chances are high that I wont but the near satisfaction of selling them and having the excuse to make another one to take its place is enough to continue.

The other night that desire was raised to a much higher level of satisfaction.  It was late in the evening and I got a confirmation email that my Guinea Pig Diaper Cake chair was sold.   The buyer wanted the cake out as soon as possible.  So I had no time to spare.   I had to have that Guinea in a cellophane bag and into a box to be shipped.   It was late at night and daddy was about to put Calista to bed.  I told daddy to please tuck her in while I got the cake ready to ship.   My baby girl stands up on our bed and says,  “Mommy are you going to do the popcorn?”

With that smile she always put on my face I said yes baby I am going to do the popcorn.   Popcorn was the stira foams I gathered in the garage to ship out my diaper cakes.   She enjoys helping me put the popcorn into the boxes to every diaper cake I ship.

So every cake has a story, this particular one was going to Boston.  So she asks me,  to tell her the story over and over on where the diapie cake was going.   I would say, ” baby,  the diaper cake is going to be put in this box and I will take it to the mail man tomorrow, they will put it in a plane and it will fly all the way up to Boston.  Then another mail man will take it in a truck to the house of where the new baby will be. ”  She continued to ask me to tell her the story over and over.

As we filled the box of popcorn, we shook it to make sure it was shake proof,  she helps me put the tape and label on the box.   “There mommy, another one of your diapie cakes is ready to go to a baby.”

My plushes and  diaper cakes are a hobby, but having my baby girl enjoy them with me, makes them so memorable.

As I turn down the lights in the living room and I we leave the box all packed and ready to be shipped ,  I watch her walk up the stairs,  the cacho in her hand.   I thank god to have given me my greatest plush that is not of plush but of heart and soul,  my baby girl.