Pillow Pet for a Mothers Day Gift

A few weeks ago I was in BJ’s doing some shopping and my little girl was wondering the isles with me. Asking questions on everything like any five year old would do. I always drive-by the toy isles since I am a kid at heart.

I stopped at the box of Pillow Pets and looked through all the cute faces. They had ladybugs, frogs pigs, and a few other cute faces. I didn’t realize I did my usual routine of standing there and stare at a product and over analyze if I should spend the money or not. I wanted a pillow pet but could not find justification on getting my grown a#% one. My little girl tugs on my pants and says, “Mommy whats wrong?” I said, “Baby I am looking at the pillow pets.. I love the piggy.” In her sweet voice she says, “Mommy get it.” I answered, “No baby, I am to old to get one.”

Well today on Mother’s Day I got a pillow pet and the piggy no less. My Husband went in to BJs for some shopping and went with our daughter. He was looking for a card to give me today. He tells me that as they went by the toy isle she ran to the pillow pet box and said, “Daddy Mommy would love the piggy pillow pet.” He asked her, “You really think so baby? ” She replied, “Yes daddy she was staring at him the other day and said that she was to old to get a pillow pet.” So the pillow pet made it into the shopping cart and into my arms.

My baby girl gave me the pillow pet with such an exciting glow today. My husband asked if I liked it, I could only say I LOVE IT!!! As I embraced my baby girl and said thank you, she whispered, “its ok mommy to have a pillow pet.  I don’t think the piggy thinks your old”.

The little things that make life worth living!!!!

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