Passion for the Plushes

Remembering back to my young years,  I was a sucker for the cute stuffed animals.   My room was filled with plush animals even as an adolescent.  With the years passing me  I use to think back on those days and remember how I would stream a yarn wire across my bedroom ceiling and have all my stuffed animals hang from there.  For a 16 year old that was quite a baby room I might say.  But now in my mid 30s I was convinced that evidence of my youth was only that of a memory.

My daughter the other day brought tears to my eyes when she said something that just melted my heart into pieces.  I have not mentioned it in this blog but anyone that knows me and follows my other blogs knows that I create baby shower gift arrangements.  If you took a peek inside our family office at home, you would see a mini factory of arts and crafts of which its sole purpose is to make baby gifts.   And on the side I have a shelf and box full of the cutest plushed animals you can find in the market today.  My daughter walks in the other day while I am getting a few centerpieces ready for a baby shower and said,  “Mommy I love all you fluffy animals. When I grow up I want to make pretty things like you that way I can have stuffed animals in my room forever.”  It dawned on me that moment that I had never let go of my passion for the plushes.  I just never realized that my passion to building beautiful baby gifts was my outlet to letting me be a kid every moment I spent make a beautiful piece.

The very week I found out I was pregnant back in February, 2005  I bought Tubby of the TY Pluffies collection.  He sat on my desk at work through my pregnancy.   Everytime I would look at him it gave me a sense of peace and serenity while I await my baby girl.

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